• Tom Anderson

Keeping Busy!

January of 2020 started out pretty much for all of us as any other year. I had finished my newest manuscript Two Million Steps a historical novel taking place during the American Civil War. I was also working on completing my screenplay for Haboob Wind. My acting career also made a big upswing with the release of me starring in an international commercial for Spotify’s new ‘Music for Pets’ campaign as their ‘man with the dancing dog’.

I also made a switch to the production side of film making when two other veterans and I founded “VetPics Productions” an all veteran independent film production company. We had entered the Armed Forces Film Challenge, and, in a competition, we were to create a screenplay from a story submitted from a veteran. Out of that I wrote the screenplay for the short film, Life after Oblivion and we filmed and completed production about ten days before we all went on lock down for the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result of the lockdown our movie is in post-production but with no release date since everything is on hold. But we did not let the situation go by without being productive. Our production company continues with Zoom meetings and planning for the future. Also, during this time I have taken advanced courses in screenwriting and movie production through the organization we all belong to Veterans in Media and Entertainment (V.M.E.). I have also finished my screenplay Haboob Wind and submitted it to a VME competition with Lionsgate for production consideration. I have also completed with the editing of my new novel “Two Million Steps” and it has been sent in for publication.

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