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Tommy Anderson Interviewed by Tina Hargett on the 'Take It Back' Podcast

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Tommy Anderson & Tina Hargett, Co-Hosts of the 'Take It Back' Podcast
Tina Hargett and Tommy Anderson, Co-Hosts of the 'Take It Back' Podcast

Amazon Best-Selling Author, Tommy Anderson, on his birthday, July 16th, tells his story about how he overcame obstacles to arrive to be the successful man he is today. After facing financial problems from divorce, high medical bills, loss of medical coverage, suffering pain from on-the-job injuries and suffering PTSD from working as a firefighter, Tommy found himself unable to keep up with overwhelming medical bills. He also had difficulty with utility bills in the cold of a Wisconsin winter. And then a stranger led him to seek help from The American Legion. Finding himself at a crossroads in life, Tommy pulled himself together and completely started over.

Click to Listen: https://www.iqpodcasts.com/podcast/episode/79a02c06/meet-the-survivor-tommy-with-take-it-back-with-tommy-and-tina-ep-116

Listen to the 'Take It Back' Show with Tommy and Tina on Thursday, 7/16, on IQ Podcasts. Tina interviews Tommy and he shares his very personal story behind his life-changing success.

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