• Tom Anderson

Tommy Anderson & Tina Hargett w/ Lidia Anderson & Publicist Susan J. Farese 'Take It Back' Podcast

Tommy Anderson with (Left to Right): Emmy Farese, Tina Hargett, Susan J. Farese & Lidia Anderson

Co-Hosts Tommy Anderson and Tina Hargett Launch the Take It Back Podcast interviewing Lidia Anderson, Wife of Tommy, with Publicist Susan J. Farese and Founder of SJF Communications. They talk about their experience with Tommy and how they all met. The purpose of our show is to let people know that no matter when in their lives they have a choice. Whether it is PTSD, Depression, Midlife Crisis, Retirement, or Boredom in your career, you have a choice. Tommy and Tina both had changes in their lives that made them reinvent themselves and prospered. Presented by Attorney King Studios with Take it Back with Tommy Anderson - Author & Tina on IQ Podcasts.




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