• Tom Anderson

Reflections of the Week

I was hoping this blog post would be during more happier times with the restrictions placed upon us from the Covid-19 quarantine. However, with the graphic and unnecessary death of George Floyd much unrest and revelation has spread upon the country causing much pain and suffering for everyone. I can speak for myself being a former public safety official that I like all of my other colleagues are appalled at what had happened. Swift justice must be provided for those trusted with public safety and they should be held accountable for unlawful actions. My thoughts and prayers are with the Floyd family.

Well on another point, my studio for future podcasts is coming along and should be completed in the next week to week and half. A lot of work goes into creating a professional podcast: equipment, software, website, and staff just to name a bit. With that said my studio is taking shape.

The podcast is named “The Take Back Network” and the name has been reserved along with the website. The website is also under construction.

Our staff of date is myself, Tommy Anderson, my co host the talented singer Tina Hargett, and Susan J. Farese of SJF Communications as our program director. More information will follow in my next blog post.

Here are two pictures of the studio progression one with our production assistant Louise supervising the work.

'Take Back Network' Studio Progression
'Take Back Network' Studio Progression

Our 'Take Back Network 'assistant' Louise the Cat!

Until next time...

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