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Tommy Anderson's ‘Haboob Wind’ Script Selected to Pitch to Grindstone of Lionsgate via VME


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Military Thriller ‘Haboob Wind’ Screenplay

by Veteran Tommy Anderson

Selected for Grindstone of Lionsgate Pitch Fest through Veterans in Media & Entertainment

(San Diego, CA – May 30, 2020). Veteran Tommy Anderson of Norco, California, author and screenwriter of the military thriller Haboob Wind is thrilled to announce the selection of his script to move forward for the Fall, 2020 VME Pitch Fest with the Grindstone Entertainment Group of Lionsgate, via Veterans in Media & Entertainment (VME). Anderson and several other VME screenwriters will have the opportunity to attend a pitch class with Pilar Alessandra, and pitch with Grindstone’s Stan Wertlieb, Partner and Head of Acquisitions for Grindstone Entertainment Group, along with Mr. Ryan Black, VP of Acquisitions and Development. The VME Pitch Fest committee includes Barbara Autin, Karen Kraft, Kimberly Seilhamer & Geoff Reeves.

Grindstone, in partnership with Lionsgate, releases acquired and/or co-produced films. Some recent notables include: SPINNING MAN starring Pierce Brosnan and Guy Pierce, ESCAPE PLAN 2 starring Sylvester Stallone and Dave Bautista, REPRISAL starring Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo, WE DIE YOUNG starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and MAGGIE starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin.


It’s 2021, 20 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America and celebrations to the heroes and survivors are suddenly disrupted by a long-planned terrorist attack within the U.S. An Electronic Pulse Weapon (EPW) missile attack along with a ground terrorist assault is launched at a Southern California military installation — supported by thousands of sleeper cell members, who camouflaged themselves into the fabric of American society as patriots working in trusted positions in the government, law enforcement, FBI and CIA. The invasion, called Haboob Wind (a violent Arabic dust storm), is orchestrated by a radical jihad army formed after the U.S. pulled out of Iraq in 2011. A vintage strike force, led by veteran military officers, is called on to defeat the terrorist group. In an epic battle of good versus evil, Anderson confidently showcases the resourcefulness and patriotism of our veterans to protect our life, liberty, and freedom against all odds of modern warfare.


Anderson, a native of Madison, Wisconsin, is a Tommy Anderson, a native of Madison, Wisconsin, is an author and award winning photographer/artist living in the Los Angeles area. An accomplished screenwriter and Associate Producer on the film based on his best-selling novel "Haboob Wind", Tommy is also an actor in both television and film.

Anderson is a founding member of VetPics Film Productions located in San Diego, California - an all veteran independent film production company. VetPics' first film (in post production), "Life after Oblivion", (based on the story 'Oblivion' for the San Diego Film Consortium's Armed Forces Film Challenge) was written and co-produced by Tommy.

In addition Tommy has co-hosted and has appeared on several Southern California radio talk show programs.

Most recently he was the face of the national Spotify commercial as the man with the dancing dog.

Tommy has written a new novel "Two Million Steps" which is now being in edited for publication.

Tommy is a retired veteran (active duty and reserves) with 23 years of experience in several military organizations including the U.S. Army, Army National Guard and Air National Guard. After his military retirement he spent 25 years in public service as a police deputy and dispatcher, firefighter and medic. Tommy has a MA in Public Administration, BS in Fire Engineering and AD in Fire Science. Anderson serves on the board of directors for US4Warriors. Anderson, a Colonel in the Commemorative Air Force, works with aviation museums promoting and speaking about living history. He is also a life member of the American Legion, Veteran of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, 32nd Infantry Division Association, International Association of Firefighters Alumni Association, and U.S. Air Force and U.S. Air National Guard Fire Chief's Association and an award winning photographer and artist.

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